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    Support for iOS Apps Localization (strings.xml)


      Hi, !

      I'm trying to localize app_name of my iOS app adding local.strings files. I've found a solution on the github of PGB: Support for Android Apps / APK Localization (strings.xml) · Issue #401 · phonegap/build · GitHub , using following resources:

      -- www
      --- locales
      ---- ios
      ----- pt
      ------ local.strings
      ----- en
      ------ local.strings

      The content of the local.strings file are :
      "CFBundleDisplayName" = "Brasil";
      "CFBundleName" = "Brasil";
      "CFBundleDisplayName" = "England";
      "CFBundleName" = "England";

      I've tested with on PGB with cli-6.1.0 but it doesn't work.

      The same approach works well for android as described on github issue.

      How could I achieve it ?