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    Adobe Stock Rip Off


      I tried out the free 10 images 30 days subscription, I canceled before the 30 days passed and then was charged $175 for a years subscription. After contact with the online chat I was told that I will get a refund in 2-3 business days. That was June 1st, I should have never been charged in the first place.  Now overtime i contact Adobe they say its been sent to upper management... thats it thats the best answer I can get. I'm usually very patient and understand mistakes are made but this is unacceptable,  If my money is not refunded in the next 24 hours I will be filing an official complaint with the Atty Generals office as well as disputing the charges with my bank/ or visa.

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi richm59110181


          Sorry for the frustration caused.  I will ensure the refund is processed today.


          Kind regards



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            Fergallini Level 1

            I have this EXACT same issue!!!   Very disappointed with Adobe.  I switched over my photography plan to the CC Suite plan using different email addresses.  I specifically asked that all plans on my 'old' account be cancelled and was told that wouldn't be a problem.  I even had it in my calendar to 'cancel adobe stock.'  Three months later I am still getting charged for the Adobe Stock.  When I contacted Adobe I was told "Adobe Stock and CC Suite are different." Face palm.  Bottom line: DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ADOBE STOCK TRAIL. 

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              ThomLDuck Level 1

              I too, was charged 125.00 for canceling the 30.00 per month usage. What the hell kind of contract is this. I have not even used some of the stock that I have downloaded or applied to my work. What a con. I would also like a refund please.


              I have been using Adobe since PS version 1.5.

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                mattm97765468 Level 1

                Really disgusted with this service -- I signed up to try out the ten free photos and when I went to cancel I found I was locked into a contract I had no idea I had entered into. Now I'm stuck with a massive cancellation fee. Adobe does this feel RIGHT to you? Do you need subscribers so bad that you are willing to treat your lifelong customers like this?

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