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    Text input in Director with Flash animation

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      I would like to write a text in Director and present this text with an
      animation created with Flash.
      How can I introduce this text variable to Flash from Director?
      Is possible to make something like this?
      Some ideas?
      Thank you

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          In Flash, create a dynamic textfield in Flash. Give it an instance name. Embed the font that you want to use. Write a function that will set the text of this new textfield to the value of the argument of that function. Something like this:

          function newText(someString) {
          textField.text = someString;

          In Director, import the Flash .swf, write a behavior for the action that you want to trigger this new text. Something like this:

          on mouseUp me
          sprite(X).newText("some new string of text to display")

          Where X is the sprite number for the Flash file.