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    how to speak with adobe help


      pdf of indesign page with images shows bounding box of image that was selected with refine edge in photoshop.  Want to show image only, not bounding box

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          Dan Rodney Adobe Community Professional

          If I understand you correctly, you wanted to remove the background in Photoshop and then place that into InDesign, but you're still seeing a white background in InDesign. Assuming you see the transparency grid in Photoshop (gray and white squares), if the only problem is the background changes to white after placing the file into InDesign, it's probably a file format issue. Try saving the file as a .psd (Photoshop document).


          You could also save it as a TIFF, but you must check on "Save Transparency" (when saving in Photoshop) for it to work in InDesign.


          If that's not the issue, I'm sorry for misunderstanding. Maybe you can clarify that you mean?