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    Convert To Profile


      Hi there,


      I have a lot of documents that need their colour profile converting/assigning to whatever the "Working space" setting is, but can't seem to script "Convert to Profile".  The Indesign colour settings are set to "convert to working space" when opening docs, but i still get a mismatch error next time i open a doc i've made or worked on, so it doesn't seem to be permanently converting anything.


      So hoping I can script it so it converts/assigns them on open, but am stuck on how to reference any of the Working Spaces?


      app.activeDocument.rgbProfile = "sRGB IEC61966-2.1"; just seems to change while i'm working, not actually convert/assign profile to the document, so i just get the mismatch error again next time


      I've only got as far as the document opening listener!


      app.addEventListener( "afterOpen" , function(){

               try {   

              var doc =app.activeDocument;        





          }  catch(err) {



      } );


      Ideally I'd want it to convert the current doc to whatever the "Working RGB" and "Working CMYK" settings are (could vary between machines), anybody have any ideas?