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    Relatives width and scrolling

      I just read manual for flex and have got small problem/question while playing.

      I am building application with one Panel and one button in vertical layout.
      I am setting Panel width to 100%.
      On start I see layout as expected: panel with width for entire page (excludding default padding) and button on next line.
      Now I am adding code to button - on click I am adding objects to panel, one by one in horizontal line.
      It is also ok, on button press you see that new objects are created.

      But, when entire panel is full of objects I expect it to show scroller for me, but instead of this panel increases in size itself, and this adds scroll to entire application, not panel.
      If I will set panel's width to absolute value (500) - it works ok, scroller is shown

      Could anybody explain, how can I make panel be 100% in width, and show scrolling for it content?
      my code is attached...