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    Switching from Duplex to Simplex


      I have an InDesign template that was designed for duplex but client needs document to be simplex. When I switch the set up to simplex and then pull a master down-- it pulls the verso (left) page master. I need it to pull the recto (right) page master (since simplex is just a series of recto pages).


      Aside from having to re-work all of my masters-- are there any easy ways to do this?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Ah, you mean facing pages vs. single pages layouts?

          You start out with a facing pages template and change that to a single pages (non-facing pages) layout later.


          Just rework all of your masters.
          If you want to automatically use the formerly right side master pages of the facing masters, select the left page of your facing master and remove it with a menu command you can find in the Pages panel:








          Result after removing the left master page: