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    Web app autoresponder not sending email

    kommamedia Level 1

      I have scoured the web and these forums and I can't find anyone with a similar problem.


      Basically I have a web app that isn't sending the Autoresponder I have set up. It is basic text so shouldn't be a problem. I'm sure I've set up everything correctly because everything else works:

      - Secure Zone configured

      - Registration web form for Secure Zone works (successfully redirected to landing page, email is sent to customer confirming registration)

      - Login web form for Secure Zone works (successfully redirected to landing page)

      - Web app input form works correctly (web app item is visible in back end, customer case is visible in back end, admin receives workflow notification email)

      - Web app successfully redirects to custom successful submission web page


      I collect the user's username, password and email address during Secure Zone registration, and then the web app also collects the user's email address in a custom field.


      I have literally spent about 6 hours getting the above right as I have been converting Muse web forms and pages to work with BC forms and tags, etc. and this is the first time I have set this up by myself (I've used BC for about 4 years but had contractors do the heavy lifting for other projects). I have had to research on the web and these forums, and use trial and error for most of the way to get what I wanted above to work - and in the end it does everything I want... except for the web app autoresponder.


      I have successfully turned off and on web form autoresponders, but there is no such option for web apps. From the research I have done there are no built-in options to turn web app autoresponders on and off, and the discussions I came across were all about people trying to turn them off. I want to turn them on! I have run out of ideas and resources, can anyone shed some light as to why it wouldn't send an email to the customer's email address after successful web app submission? TIA

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          kommamedia Level 1

          Sorry, I found out where I went wrong. I had originally included some javascript code to enable web app submissions to be submitted anonymously without having to log into a Secure Zone. After I worked out that this method didn't allow the autoresponder to be effective, I changed my web app to require a Secure Zone login before submitting items, but I forgot to remove the legacy script. I eventually worked out that it was sending autorespond emails to the dummy email address I had set for the dummy user to allow the script to work. All good, I've removed the script and the dummy user, and can confirm I have solved my own problem. Just putting the solution here for future reference.