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    Animation question


      Hi everyone,


      I've used adobe for a while but this is my first day with after effects. A friend of mine has asked if I'd help him out with an advert he wants to run, so I said that I would do my best. He wants to create something similar to this link, but with videos:


      Mosaic: Intricate Logo Reveal - After Effects Template


      Any ideas for what effects I need to be looking at? It would speed my watching tutorials up massively if I had any clue what I should be looking at. Sorry to be such a pain.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nothing specific going on there. Just a bunch of elongated pre-compositions with stuff stacked side by side and then used as layers in the main comp and animated to slide, quite likely as 3D layers. The rest is just a bit of camera motion and some coloring effects. This realyl trakes no longer than half an hour, if you have enough material to work with. If not, finding suitable clips or freeze frames would consume a good amount of time...