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    Skew property won't update


      Hi all

      I've this problem with animate cc on PC, win 7(it's happen also in older flash versions)

      Basically if i select a graphic, and flip it Horizontal (pic 1), the "Transform Panel"  show me  "180" in the "skew" property (pic 2).



      But if i deselect it (pic 3), and select it again (pic 4), the "skew" property doesn't show me any value. But I know the value should be "180"



      In order to "see" the right value i need to manually select the skew box, and it appear the right value (PIC 5).


      If I try to select the object 10 times, only 2 times he gave me the value, all the other attempts gave me a 0.0 or nothing

      This is very boring, because I work often on files that not created by me, so I can't go on every single element and  manually check IF is flipped or not.

      I work on different pc, and it's happen also in older versions, so I know is not an istallation problem.

      Does anyone can help me to understand why this happend? and or solution for that?