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    Save out interactive PDF form, from InDesign CC, not working fully in Acrobat CC?


      Mac OSX Yosemite / Adobe CC2015


      Creating an interactive form in InDesign. Artwork and layout all done. Happy days. Export as interactive PDF from InDesign. Open in Acrobat CC and find that most of the fields information is no longer there/active.   =(


      I have to manually tweak all boxes in Acrobat to set font and function, correctly. If i then have to make design and layout changes (in InDesign) it means having to redo all of my work, in Acrobat, again.


      I am hoping i am missing something really simple... ...that there is a way to make form export from InDesign work correctly in PDF's, or to edit the original from Acrobat so that it doesn't mean having to do things over and over and over et al.


      Any help, would be appreciated. Kind regards