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    Don't want all photos exported when Developing ONE - (DUMB BEHAVIOR)

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      This is a very stupid Default setting that Lightroom has.


      I was working on a group of photos. I went to edit the meta and then sync that data to all photos. Once i was done with that, I double clicked a photo and went into developing it. Then i switched back to library to export and it exported ALL of my photos.


      Why the hell would they make it do that by default?

      How do i stop that from happening again? ( please do not say go back and deselect all photos because no other Adobe product has this behavior)


      When you double click something it should solo like it does EVERY WHERE ELSE. If you only have one picture in development mode and click export you should only be exporting that 1 photo. There should be something extra to do if you want to export all. This behavior has cost me an extra 1hr sorting out what i have edited and what i had not.


      I do not even know if my changes in development mode was applied to all that was exported.