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    Bulk Importing Names onto Nametag


      Hello. I'm looking to import several hundred names into namtags, with 10 on each page in inDesign.


      I can export them to a list of any format, though they currently exist in excel. Is there any easier way to do this rather than copy and pasting them into the indd document?


      I've already checked out linking text, but my issue is that some names will be on two lines on a single name tag (as they won't fit in horizontally) but then if a last name doesn't fit on the one nametag, it gets pushed to the next one and messes it up, and if I make allowances for two lines of text, then sometimes two names end up on one nametag.


      Any help or insight here is appreciated, I'm trying to be as clear as possible. Hopefully this isn't too unique a situation.

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is an ideal job for Data Merge.

          You set up one name tag with the correct positioning, and enough room in your text fields for the longest name.

          Export your excel to csv or tab-delimited text, and use the data merge panel to link the fields to your tag. 

          You then set up and run a multiple record per page merge.

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            joet082964 Level 3

            Data Merge for sure:

            Automate business card creation using InDesign « Caveat Lector


            If you have the design flexibility, one solution could be to put all last names on a second line.


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              John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This is exactly what Data Merge does.


              1. Make sure your Excel columns have headings, e.g., firstName, lastName, etc.
              2. Save it in a delimited file format (.csv will work well if the entries don't contain commas) CLOSE IT
              3. In InDesign, setup a single name tag occupying 1/10th of the page at the top-left corner; and be certain another 9 (which InDesign will generate) will fit in the remaining space (some basic math is in order)
              4. Open the Data Merge panel: Window > Utilities > Data Merge
              5. Choose Select Data Source from the Data Merge panel menu; navigate to your saved .csv file and select it
              6. The Data Merge panel will become populated with the available column headings read in the data source file
              7. Set a text frame where you want the name to appear on the name tag, and with a live insertion point, (blinking cursor), double-click the desired column heading in the Data Merge panel to set the field in the frame.
              8. So you should have something like this:

                You can style the fields however you'd like the names to appear.
              9. Choose Create Merged Document from the Data Merge panel menu
              10. In the Create Merged Document dialog, choose Multiple Records from the Records Per Document Page menu
              11. Switch to the Multiple Record Layout tab, tick Preview Multiple Record Layout and make adjustments if needed.