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    Request: Unreliable UDP for P2P

      For multiplayer games, it would be good if we are able to send unreliable UDPs from peer to peer as well. Thanks.
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          Unreliable UDP for P2P gaming is a feature I'd like as well. For real-time games where you're managing 8, 16, or 32 players, you'd want to be able to send positional updates (that could be dropped, and would be re-synced the next time an update is received). In real-time games you cannot afford to wait for in-order delivery of the socket stream (because the nature of it you're actually managing 16+ parallel entity simulations, that are moving forward in time and lost past data can be resynced with current data.)

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            doognukem Level 1

            Researching it a little more it sounds like for Flash 10.1 RTMFP NetStream API has been modified to include configuration of NetStream.dataReliable.



            source at 50:41 in the video: MAX 2009 - P2P on the Flash Platform with RTMFP


            Partial Reliability Control at publishing peer

            • NetStream.audioReliable
            • NetStream.videoReliable
            • NetStream.dataReliable


            I'm not sure when Flash Player 10.1 beta will be out, but I'd really like to try it out and see how a real-time  multiplayer game can work with unreliable UDP data.