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    Exporting a Protected PDF - Then Sending for Signature


      Hello all,


      I'm working on a fillable PDF I created for a client. The form is meant for myself and my co-workers to fill out. We want to be able to lock this fillable form when we are done with it, but then send it over to the client so that they can't edit it, only add their signature of approval.


      Is this something that is possible? I tried to Protect tool in Acrobat, but the options are either the client can't add anything, or they can edit the form and add their signature. Nothing like just adding their signature.


      I found the only way to do it is to either Export to Word, then bring it back in and save the PDF and delete all the other forms except the Signature. Except the final form comes out kind of wonky. Or I can flatten the PDF, but still have to go through a whole process of the client adding a password after they sign it.


      All I really want is to lock an entire fillable form, except for the Signature. Is there a way to do that easily?