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    Import/Export Catalogs


      Recently my computer which had Lightroom5 on it died. I just got a new computer and am now interested in upgrading to LightroomCC.

      My question is how do I import my Lightroom5 catalog (I backed it up to an external Hard drive) into Lightroom CC? Do I need to first re-install Lightroom5 and then upgrade?


      I have never had to import or export or mess with catalogs before and it is a little confusing.


      Thank you for any solutions to my confusion.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          It's very simple. Copy the LR 5 catalog file to the new computer, put it anywhere you want, preferably in an empty folder. Launch Lightroom CC. Use the menu command File->Open Catalog and point to the LR 5 catalog. You will probably see a dialog box asking if you want to upgrade the catalog, click on OK or Yes or whatever the affirmative is.


          No exporting or importing. No need to install LR 5.