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    Premiere Versioning Scripts?

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      This question comes from an operational animator-editor-producer, not a coder-developer, so please accept my contrition in advance if the wording of this question is sub-optimal for this forum.


      It is my fifth day as a PrEditor for a Animation/VFX Co. here in Austin. My EP asked me yesterday about the possibility of a script for Premiere that would scan a directory (with multiple sub-directories,) find the latest version of a media file (presumably based upon a segment of a filename,) and update the corresponding clip in the sequence with that latest file.


      As a piece of media works through the animation pipeline, it iterates through rigging, animation, lighting, effects, composite, etc. Each output from those departments generates a file in a directory. Files are not overwritten as a general rule, so XYZ_anim_V1 becomes a V2. The anim could become XYZ_comp_V1 after that file moves through compositing in the comp directory.


      In a perfect world, we would open a master PP project, the script would run, and all the movies would be updated with the latest version irrespective of which directory the file is in. A review of the sequence could then ensue that would reliably be a visual holistic status for the animation project.


      Does such a script or solution or the ability to create a solution exist?