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    Using LR the past year has been miserable and time consuming

    tytlyf Level 1

      I'm just irritated at how slow the program is.  I've tried all recommended steps, everything.  Powerful laptop, i7, 16GB ram. Win10 x64.  Latest LR updated via CC.  This just can't be happening to me.

      I shoot real estate and typically have to do 30 photos.  LR works fine the first 5 minutes and then goes into slow mode.  At that point, purging cache does nothing.  The only thing that solves the problem is restarting LR and then it's fluid and quick, then after 5 minutes or a photo or 2 and it's back to slow mode. 

      This is very time consuming and really hurts the quality of life running a business.  Finishing a job takes twice as long as it should.


      There has to be a solution to this as it's getting aggravating.  I rarely use spot healing, maybe 1 photo out of 30.  I do use the brush 90% of the time.  It's almost like any adjustments I've made on previous photos stack up on the current one. 


      Is there something I'm missing?  Like I said, I've tried restoring preferences, off/on GPU, everything.  It's been like this from day 1 with CC6.


      Have you guys found any other solutions to very slow brush movements, delayed responses, slow switching photos?  Sometimes the program will hang with the top tool bar popping down and freezing with a spinning wheel.  Then LR figures itself out and goes back to slow mode.


      Need some help with this as I'm at my wits end. 


      Whatever info you'll need I'll be happy to provide.  Task manager show about 50% ram usage, not high temps, nothing.  Something is up.  Thanks.