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    Odd selection problem


      I have Lightroom CC on a Win10 machine, and just noticed a strange problem. First, I could not get it to apply keywords to more than one image (using multiple selection method, even when selecting multiple images with the spray can or copy/paste methods). Later, I was in Loupe view going through to "pick" images and the selection in the bottom panel was not "updating" what images I was actually viewing, which meant all the pictures I thought I had marked as a pick (using keyboard shortcut) weren't actually marked as such because they were not being selected. I don't have any stuck keys on my keyboard or anything like that. It's really throwing a wrench in my workflow tonight. I need to get through 119 images for work, which usually only takes me about 30-40 minutes even with edits and so far I've spent easily 40 minutes just having to go through and correct all the selection mistakes. I haven't started editing yet, but I suspect it will be very obnoxious since I usually c/p or sync settings/edits across multiple images, especially for picky color corrections and such. Should I uninstall and reinstall? Of course this is happening on a very long day =P  Also, my version before I switched to CC was 5 I think, just in case they changed how to do basic things and I never got the memo lol.


      Edited to add: it is now freezing frequently while I'm editing. I will likely try a fresh install and see how that goes.