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    creating a sliding effect--

      i am trying to duplicate the famous scroller public file but with a twist to it.-- here is the code below
      http://pratt.edu/~gemmanue/ --here is my example

      if (Number(/scOne:_x)<Number(/ estination)) {
      speed = (/ estination-/scOne:_x)/14;
      setProperty("/scOne", _x, Number(/scOne:_x)+Number(speed));
      } else {
      speed = (/scOne:_x-/ estination)/14;
      setProperty("/scOne", _x, /scOne:_x-speed);
      setProperty("/scTwo", _x, Number(/scOne:_x)+600);
      setProperty("/scThree", _x, Number(/scTwo:_x)+600);
      setProperty("/scFour", _x, Number(/scThree:_x)+600);
      setProperty("/scFive", _x, Number(/scFour:_x)+600);
      setProperty("/scSix", _x, Number(/scFive:_x)+600);

      with this script, each movie clip slides in on the _x position.

      i am trying to duplicate the old lenny kravitz site, where instead of having each new boards slide on the _x axis, they would move on the _x and _y axis and some some also come in on the diagonal axis(_x and _y combined)...how can i achieve that.

      thanks in advance.