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    One more reason to buy your PC from the right place

    Steven L. Gotz Level 5

      It has been four years since I last bought a new PC. When I bought it in 2012 it was state of the art and I have not yet upgraded to shooting and editing 4K, so it works just fine for me. Lots of drive space, RAID for speed, you name it. Even with Windows 10 on it. Day in and day out it does the job.


      But last night I had a power issue and decided that it was time to change out the UPS. So for the first time in over two years, I turned off the UPS. When I booted it up this morning, I was missing my RAID. What did I do? I went back to the people who sold it to me. Yes, even after almost four years they logged in and after a lot of effort, and advising me to upgrade my recovery software for a mere $39 so it would work with Windows 10, I have my system back up and running completely. I backup fairly regularly, so it would not have been tragic, but it could have cost me some aggravation since I am in the process of changing online backup services.


      What kind of company provides that kind of great service after four years? ADK in Kentucky, that's who!


      I originally bought from ADK because Eric hangs out in this forum and was really great about helping me customize the system to exactly what I wanted. I will, without a doubt, buy my next editing PC from them as well. After all, customer service is what it is all about. So if you are on the fence, or thinking about building your own, you might want to take a moment and consider  ADK Video Editing offers, NLE, Video Editing Computer, Video editing computers, Video Editing Workstations, Video Editin… 


      My thanks go out to Dave and Eric at ADK. That's the way to run a business.