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    Lightroom 5 Catalogue Folder Disappears!


      This morning I was working on Lightroom 5 when it shutdown unexpectedly. When I restarted Lightroom a message read that the catalogue I was working on was no longer available. I looked in 'Open Recent' and couldn't find the catalogue (previous catalogues were available but not the most recent one I was working on). I then went to the folder source in 'Finder' (I use a Mac) and the entire folder containing the catalogue and catalogue backups had disappeared (the folder [before it disappeared] had been on my MacBook Pro's hard drive, not an external hard drive). I'm at a complete loss at what happened.


      If anyone has experienced this before and/or has any advice on how I can retrieve the catalogue I would really appreciate it! I had 2 months of editing on that Catalogue so am very concerned right now.