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    AEM: Blog API redirect

    Maria Pushkina Level 1

      We uses AEM’s Blog API. But we are faced with the following problem:

      When we uses next url:


      After save new post for blog - CreateBlogEntryServlet - redirect me on http url :


      Post created but browser disables pass on this link.

      But when we uses next url:


      without /cf#/, everithing is ok and CreateBlogEntryServlet redirect on https url.

      We can not change the contents of AEM’s Blog API.

      Anyone encountered this problem?

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          nareshk180693 Level 1

          AEM Screens provides a simple RESTful API that follows the Siren specification. It allows to navigate the content structure and send commands to devices in the environment. By Using Adobe Program Interface it is easy for communication. If the above commands will not work please clear the Cache of ur PC and try it again. I think this time it will work. Thank You.