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    Creating a large index page on InDesign- help!


      Hello everyone,


      I have an issue that could potentially cause lots of problems for us. We are doing a new brochure for a client and they used to have two separate brochures with lots of product codes. At the back of the brochure there's an index page with all the codes, and then what page number that code is on.


      We've now combined the two brochures into one large brochure, so obviously all the codes are now on different pages. We need to update the new index with the new page numbers. But the only way we can think to do it is to manually go through the brochure, find the code and find what page its on, then update the index. However, there are hundreds of pages and this would take us days of work.

      Is there an easy and more automated way to do this. Is there perhaps other software that would sort this issue other than InDesign?


      Any help would be really appreciated!