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    How do you print color as black (monochrome printing)

    Non-Nerd Anders

      How can I print color as black with my Acrobat Pro 11.0.14? Note that I'm NOT interested in greyscale printing.


      When I look in discussion threads and forums people refer to a box called "print color as black" in the "file>print" window, but my print window does not look anything like in the Acrobat forums and there is no "print color as black" box to be found. Another popular reply on this question is how to do grayscale printing. I don't want that.


      What I'm trying to do is to convert color pdf files as monochrome pdf files using a pdf printer. If anyone knows how to convert color as black by editing the pdf file that would be fine too. The color pdf files is actually batch-converted dwg files, so if anyone knows how to batch convert dwg files to one monochrome pdf file using Acrobat Pro it would be even better.

      color as black 1.jpg