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    LR Mobile SLOW Sync, with lots of errors.


      Hello !!

      I recently subscribed Adobe CC photography plan, so yesterday i was trying to sync some photo from LR on my Desktop Mac to LR Mobile on my iphone..But ran into a really crippled experience.

      My goal is pretty simple: i just want to have a collection synced so i can put my best fotos there and review them on the phone. No editing required, pretty unidirectional workflow: Edit on Mac, review on phone.

      First test was with some RAW files, the upstream sync was pretty straightforward and decently fast.

      Problems came on the mobile part:  I could only see the low resolution previews and had to wait quite a few minutes to have one image load at its full resolution, most of the time seeing a Red alarm on the little cloud icon at the top left of the mobile app, saying: "The photo failed to load" and "Loading Development Version.." right behind it.

      I thought this must have something to do with me syncing only RAW files, given the size of them (40mb to 120mb for some panos/HDR), so i decided to try and sync only some JPEGS:

      To make sure everything would start fresh, i read some advices on this forum i logged out from LR mobile, cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the mobile app.

      On the mac side, i removed the synced collection and used the "delete all data" function on Lightroom Mobile preferences.

      I then rendered some photos as JPEG, reimported them and make a separate collection being the only one with the sync option activated.

      The upload was pretty straightforward again, with around 180 photos being synced in less than 20 minutes, i'd say.

      On the recently reinstalled mobile app i logged in again and let it sit for a while, waiting for the photos to be downloaded.

      It took almost an hour to have the 180 previews back on my phone, with the program hanging up many times and me having to manually quit it after i saw no progress for something like a few minutes.

      Once i got all the previews, i started scrolling through them, seeing the same pattern i noticed with RAW files again: "The photo failed to load" and "Loading Development Version.." Eventually if i let the app sit around for 1-2 minute, i end up seeing the full res photo, and very rarely, scrolling to the next/previous photo, i can see those as full resolution aswell. But most of the time i see the "photo failed to load" error, and have to let the app spinning around for quite a few minutes just to see one single JPEG which weights less than 10mb.

      I'm on a decently fast connection (20mbit dsl), and also run some speed test to exclude potential network problems.


      Hope you can help me with this one, since it would be a shame to not be able to enjoy this pretty simple feature.


      Here you can find the two diagnostic logs:


      Lightroom Sync Diagnostic Log


      Lr mobile Diagnostic Log


      Thanks in advance!