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    Text spacing and line endings change when I export as an IDML document?


      We use Adobe InDesign CC to create all your studio artwork. When a document is ready to send to our printers or client, we package it up and include an IDML doc.


      A client recently commented that when they open the InDesign doc up in their version of InDesign (vcc?), a great deal of the text has different character spacing and many of the line endings have changed, resulting in text orphans and text reflow.


      I've already read a thread in the Adobe forum which suggested that using optical kerning could result in strange results, but sometimes optical kerning is the only way to get a particular font to look good. Is this a know problem which Adobe is working on fixing? The issue seems to occur when opening an INDD doc with different versions of InDesign and also when exporting a INDD doc to an IDML format.


      Supplying the doc as a PDF is not a solution as our clients need to make additional changes themselves before sending artwork to the printers.


      Does anyone know a way around this issue?