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    Appalling service


      Hi all,


      just wondering what you would make of this.

      I signed up for a "one year acrobat subscription" thinking this is what it would be. Fortunately for me

      adobe use the highly ethical process of extending peoples subscriptions by an agreement in their terms without obtaining direct confirmation that this is wanted.

      Fair enough we should all know well enough now not to purchase without checking T&C's but I want to say I trusted adobe to be honest in their business activity.

      My issue is, by law I should be notified. On speaking to an advisor I was told "you were notified in February" although there was no date available as the email was automated. I don't have an email to match. I was also advised "it may be in your spam". How is this notifying appropriately? My spam box empties every two weeks.

      Aside from this, on calling the organisation I was advised by a senior staff member that given the circumstances my over payments could not be

      refunded but my early cancellation charge could be . After checking my account two weeks later there was no refund present. I called a second time today

      only to be told there was no record of such agreement and that the refund would not be made.

      It would seem that adobe are in the habit of bullying the little guy with their unethical business practices.

      I was extremely disappointed with this whole experience and would have thought better of an international company than to just lie to their customers.

      What would people suggest I do next?