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    Memory Problems in LR CC 2015.6?

    Peakoverload Level 1

      I'm just back from a 2 week holiday where I shot loads of photos. I run LR on an iMac with the following spec:


      3.1Ghz i5 CPU

      16GB RAM

      1TB Internal Drive (LR Catalogue is on this drive)

      4TB USB drive (where all my photos are stored)


      When I turned my Mac on I got a notification that a new version of LR was available so I installed that, version 2015.6


      My Mac is a few years old now and I have just bought a new camera which is much higher resolution than my old (Canon 5D MKIII) so I don't know how much of this is down to an older Mac, increased file size or just poor memory handling in LR. What I do know is that this didn't happen before I went on holiday but then I was typically only importing around 200 photos at a time then.


      I download all my photos onto my USB drive storing them in date ordered sub folders. I then import them into my LR catalogue, adding keywords and storing them in collections. At the moment each folder I import contains between 150 - 550 photos and some video files too (first time I've ever imported video into LR).


      What I find is that LR will happily import the photos and allow me to keywords and arrange them in collections etc, in fact LR seems to work perfectly until I then go to import the next folder. As soon as I try to do this LR will stop responding, not even letting me browse to the drive the photos are on, and Activity Monitor shows the memory usage growing steadily until after a few minutes a message comes up saying I'm out of system memory. I only have LR running.


      The only way I can import more than 1 folder is to exit LR and start again which is a real pain to say the least.


      Anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it?

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          Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee


          Could you please disconnect the USB drive once and import any locally available photo?

          Do you see this issue then?


          Also, do you sync your photos to Creative Cloud?




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            Peakoverload Level 1

            t's a bit difficult to do a definitive test at the moment. I did copy around 300 RAW files to my internal drive, unplugged the USB drive and tried importing them locally. This seemed to be better but memory usage in Activity Monitor did continue to increase after the import had completed but I was able to commence a second import, albeit with only an additional 50 or so images. Again after the 2nd import, memory usage continued to increase but it did not reach its limit and cause LR to stop responding. To me it seems as though the memory isn't actually freed up after completion of the task, or if it is, the task is taking much longer to complete than it has in the past and LR doesn't give any indication that it's still processing any images.


            It's not definitive test as the photos I shot on holiday total over 3800 and I just don't have the space on my system drive to try and import that many, (in batches).


            It's taken me most of the day but I have now got all my photos into LR but I've also noticed that LR is now slow at updating changes. What I mean is, before if I slid say the exposure control I would see the image change in real time. Now it can take a couple of seconds before I can see any difference, which makes fine adjustments somewhat tricky.


            As for synching, I do sync to Lightroom Mobile, is that the same thing?


            I have over 50,000 images in my LR Catalogue, is that a problem? I thought there was no longer an official limit on the size of the catalogue.

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              I've discovered I get huge memory usage on my Mac (running El Capitan) which starts as soon as I hit 'Import...' in Lightroom CC 2015.6. Eventually, the Mac runs out of RAM altogether and El Capitan prompts me to close some applications. By this point, LR was using 14GB of my 16GB of phyical RAM.


              However, if I import using a watched folder, everything completes absolutely fine. So importing itself seems to be OK.

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                F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Roll back to CC 2015.5.1 - there are many threads decribing how.

                Post back if you don't find it.