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    Upgrade instrucitons




      I have just bought the upgrade from Lightroom 5 to 6, the perpetual license, no cc.


      After looking through the forums I am seeing that there are a lot of conflicts with downloading and running 6.


      My question is , is there step by step instructions on how to download and install the new upgrade. Again, I do not have the creative cloud.


      Thank you


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          dj_paige Level 9

          Do you have Lightroom 6 installed already and want to upgrade to the latest version Lightroom 6.6? Is that the upgrade you mean?


          Or do you mean you don't even have Lightroom 6 installed? Do you have a CD or download file?

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            best-one Level 1

            I have lightroom 5.7.1.  Today I bought the upgrade to 6 off the Adobe site . I just downloaded it, but have done nothing else. After reading so many problems with it, I decided I better ask the procedure. I've seethat people have deleted Lightroom 5 after installing 6, and then I saw that you weren't suppose to uninstall lightroom 5, as 6 only updates the catlogs. So, I am being totally cautious on this one.

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              dj_paige Level 9

              The install is extremely simple. You double-click on the file you downloaded. This installs the program.


              Then you double-click on the Lightroom icon on your desktop to open Lightroom. You will have to enter your serial number to actually obtain the non-trial version of Lightroom.


              You will also want to upgrade to Lightroom 6.5.1 or Lightroom 6.6 (some people are having problems with bugs in 6.6). Keeping Lightroom Up-to-Date


              It doesn't matter whether you uninstall Lightroom 5 or not. Don't worry about it.

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                best-one Level 1

                Thank you...wish me luck!


                Isn't lightroom 6.5.1 or 6.6 the creative cloud. I just bought the upgrade today and did not see the option for 6.5.1 . remember, I have the perpetual, stand alone version.

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                  dj_paige Level 9

                  Lightroom 6.something is not the Creative Cloud. It is the standalone version. The downloads for LR 6.something and the equivalent Creative Cloud version are the same download, but when you apply the serial number, you get Lightroom 6.something and not the Creative Cloud.

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