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    My NOOK HD won't show up in ADE


      I had issues with ADE 4 so I uninstalled and installed ADE 3 instead.  My library uses Overdrive, so I authorized my computer and my NOOK using the Overdrive credentials.  I borrowed a book from my library, and it showed up in ADE.


      I have 2 NOOKS - the first generation and a NOOK HD.  I got my 1st gen to show up in ADE just fine and transferred my library book over to it.


      Now I am trying to get it onto my NOOK HD so I can read it on both (I keep one at home and one at work) and I can't get ADE to recognize the NOOK HD.  My computer recognizes it but not ADE, so I can't transfer the library book.  I know I have to authorize the device but I can't even get ADE to recognize it to authorize.  I have plugged and unplugged, unauthorized and authorized the computer several times, to no avail.


      Also, I installed and authorized ADE on my computer at home and my book doesn't show up on that computer in ADE when I log in.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I'm baffled.