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    Issue with Coldfusion 2016 install on Windows Server 2012

    frank000000 Level 1

      I had a successful install on one server.


      I tried to install on another server and it will not accept my admin password at the configuration prompt once the install is completed.  I uninstalled and reinstalled 4 additional times and it just won't accept the admin password as it was entered during the installation process.  As a result, all of the services don't start and I can't access the CF administration utility at all.


      The services that DO start are:

      ColdFusion 2016 .NET Service

      ColdFusion 2016 Add-on Services

      ColdFusion 2016 Application Server


      The services that don't appear in the services list on the server with the issue (but are part of my successful install on the other server):

      ColdFusion 2016 ODBC Agent

      ColdFusion 2016 ODBC Server


      Does anyone out there recognize this issue?


      Thanks in advance.