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    Trouble of converting IOS project to android project

    Quan Zheng

      Hello everyone.

      My problem with phoneGap is when I am trying use cordova to convert ios cordova projet to android project..

      it built successfully, also able to load the app, but the app stuck in loading screen, everything does not work at all.

      the app it shows on android, (I replaced entire WWW file), however it just not work, no matter how I tap the screen.

      do you guys have any tips for me to look up when converting project between different platforms? I am very stuck right now.

      Do I have to do with CSS or html files? does android and ios use those files differently?

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Have you looked at the console log for the android app? That might give a better indication of the issue.


          If I had to guess you might have an external resource that you are calling. The security model is different on Android (see the WhiteList plugin). That might be blocking your code. But that is a guess...

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            kerrishotts Adobe Employee

            There's not enough information in the question to really offer anything more than generic pointers. Hope this helps:


            • iOS and Android support different web features; make sure you aren't using something that's Android-specific. "caniuse.com" is a great reasource.
            • Plugin support varies across platforms. What plugins do you have installed? You may be using a plugin that is specific to iOS or in an iOS-specific manner.
            • "loading screen" doesn't tell us anything -- is this a screen provided by your app, or is it the launch/splash screen?
            • Have you tried debugging the app with Chrome -- chances are good that there's some logs on the JavaScript console that would be useful information.
            • Also check the device's console with adb logcat -- there may be logs being generated on the device that are useful.
            • It might help to see your config.xml, index.html, and index.js files (sans identifying information).


            Edit: Misread; thought you were converting to iOS FROM Android. Edited to reflect actual quetion (iOS TO Android)