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    Custom Book Sizes


      Greetings!! My name is Meghan and I am with PrestoPhoto. We are a custom photobook printer, and we are frequently asked about how to print book PDFs exported using the Lightroom Book Module. Currently, there are 5 fixed size options available, and I see from previous posts and articles (as well as our own customer feedback) that these size restrictions are somewhat problematic.


      I'd love to open up a size discussion here / take a quick poll; I've got a pretty rad engineering team that could potentially open myriad book printing possibilities and keep the experience as painless and seamless as possible! Here are my 3 main questions:


      1. If you could print any size book under the sun, what would it be (seriously, any size! Default Lightroom sizes included.)?
      2. What binding type would you choose? (i.e. Hardcover, Softcover, Coil Binding)
      3. Are you currently printing books using Lightroom PDFs and using a "workaround workflow" to print a book in a non-Lightroom size?


      Any additional thoughts or details you would like to share would be welcome as well. Thank you in advance and I will stay posted for your replies!