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    Indesign file crashed, auto recovery wont work


      Am in a bit of a messy situation.


      My file which i have been working on for 2 days appears to have become corrupt and i can’t work out the problem.

      As the title stated it crashed out of now where and close, no big deal i thought i have worked with InDesign for years and the auto recovery has saved me many time. However this time it has let me down. It now prompts me to recover the file opens for all of 2 seconds then crashes again. I can see the work is still there but i have no time to do anything really.


      I know common practice here would be to save it as an HTML file with a view to then opening it again and saving it in the correct format.


      However the fact it now won’t really even open i don’t know how to solve the problem. I have a few questions:

      1. Is it possible to convert the file to an HTML format without opening it?
      2. Is there anyone who could be an absolute life saver and see if they can open it on their system?


      Any help at all would be greatly appreciated; standard it happens when the job is due over the next few days.

      Thanks in advance!


      (am using cc)