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    Possible for multi machine to render quicktime movie?

    Quang2550 Level 1


      I'm just starting to set up a multi machine workflow for the office and currently only have 1 computer set up for testing purposes. Might add more down the road or stay with 1, depending how well it works out. So I've been testing the multi machine rendering in jpg, png, psd, and they seem to work fine. Whenever I try to render to quicktime using the same steps as for the jpg, png,... the render machine sees the project, tries to process the project but then doesn't create the quicktime movie. I get the error below in the log txt file.


      After Effects 13.2v1 Render Control File







      item1=(Error Stopped,99,1,0)


      Any tips on how to create quicktime movies with multi machine is greatly appreciated. I've read where they suggest creating the jpg or psd frames and recombining them with quicktime or AE but I was looking for a 1 step process to quicktime movie.


      Thank you!