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    Flex Builder updates

      Hi All,

      Sorry if this is a stupid question. I can not seem to get my FB 3 to update. I tried manually to update the software as well as turned on auto updates. Everytime it trys to update I get the following error:
      Eclipse RCP Patch 3 for 3.3.1 (3.3.1.v20080102_331) requires feature "org.eclipse.rcp (3.3.1.R33x_r20070802-8y8eE8sEV3Fz0z0GlHJrXvTAUS)".

      Am I the only one unable to update FB3???

      Can anyone help me get past this?
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          John Hall Level 4
          I've had to reinstall FB a couple of times and didn't have any problems just grabbing the demo version from the web site. Assuming you have your registration code somewhere, it shouldn't be a big issue (unless you have a bunch of plug-ins). That said, I won't assume to know how you might have customized your setup so your mileage may vary. However, when I did it, I literally uninstalled all Flash versions with the uninstaller, downloaded the IE activeX and Firefox plugin, reinstalled FB from the website and all has been good. That's just my experience but it was a good one. It remembered my registration so all was well.