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    app.execDialog fails with multiple documents


      I have several forms, each with a button mouseup callback that uses app.execDialog(...).


      When multiple forms are concurrently open, only the first form that called app.execDialog will function properly; all other forms fail to render a dialog upon a button click.


      If only one form is open, everything functions properly, so this seems to be related to a document-level javascript tie-in with the app object that fails to establish when subsequent documents are opened by the application.


      Has anyone else observed similar behavior? If so, has anyone determined a solution or work-around?


      I've confirmed this on Acrobat DC Standard and DC Pro, both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What code do use at document level?

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            gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            This sounds like a scope issue.


            What happens when this script is placed in JavaScript folder?

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              Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

              Are you getting any errors on the JavaScript console?


              Are all dialogs defined with unique names?

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                markn79374433 Level 1

                I have a document-level function to define the dialog contents:


                function MakeDialog(){
                        initialize: function(dialog){},
                        commit: function(dialog){},
                        ok: function(dialog){},
                        cancel: function(dialog){},


                            name: "My dialog",
                            type: "static_text",
                            name: "Dialog contents",
                            bold: true,
                            font: "dialog",
                            height: 20
                            type: "ok_cancel",
                            ok_name: "OK",
                            cancel_name: "CANCEL",
                            alignment: "align_center"


                This function is called from the "Mouse Up" button action:



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                  markn79374433 Level 1

                  Hi Karl,


                  I'm not getting any errors on the console.


                  Identical and dissimilar dialog names produce the same result.


                  Curiously, Adobe Reader will render dialogs as expected when multiple files are open; similarly Pro and Standard seem to have been performing until approximately late-May, early-June. Unfortunately, I am using the Interapplication Communication API in the end application, so Reader isn't a good solution for this particular problem.


                  Thanks for your help and input,



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                    markn79374433 Level 1

                    Progress! This does appear to be scope-related. Calling app.execDialog from the global/application level folder is resolving the problem. I made the following js function and put it in the application level folder:


                    function AppShowDialog(dialogToShow){


                    I then modified the button "Mouse Up" to the following:




                    ...where MakeDialog() is a document-level function that defines the dialog contents.





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                      Hello all,


                      we are using pdf-forms since Acrobat version 8.1 with very complex JavaScript behind. Our users are working with the latest Adobe Reader versions only, so more and more users are upgraded to the DC-version.

                      We face a lot of claims from our users, since Adobe published the DC-version. With inter-PDF communication it is required to have multiple PDF's opened at the same time - but now the app.execDialog()-functions fails rendering the dialogs on any other then the first PDF, that called the app.execDialog()-function. So, first caller wins and all other fail without any error-message.


                      I see, there is a solution based on a script in the global/application folder.

                      This is not working with our application, since the "delivery" and "installation" oft scripts into the folders of some hundred PC's is not possible. Many users open the PDF's in a browser-environment as well.


                      Since the whole thing happens as well with the samples inside the (online) DC-SDK, I expect, this is a BUG and not a planned change.

                      Is there any chance to this fixed by Adobe soon ? It is essential in our project to have this feature supported by the Reader DC.


                      Thanks in advance ...



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                        try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        I suggest you report it here: Feature Request/Bug Report Form

                        The more people report it as a bug, the better chances it has of being fixed.

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                          joerg_d_6110 Level 1

                          Thank you for the hint (and link) to make a Bug-Report out of it - it's done now.