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    Videos Preloading off in Internet Explorer

    bertjeuh88 Level 1

      Hey guys,


      In my current project, I have succeeded in making a animated graphic novel with Edge Animate. With the help of you guys.

      Now I have  a last issue, a problem for my jury, because I want to show my app on some tablets. Including on the only big ones I have, Windows RT surface tablets. Now because I am unable to figure out how to get from a xap to appx app (phonegap build only makes the xap extension for windows devices), I am just using Internet Explorer on the tablets to play my application.


      Here's the problem:


      When I turn on preloading on videos, sometimes some of the videos of the animated graphic novel won't load. It actually happens quite often that the entire program doesn't load. When I turn off preloading, it loads the application better. But some of the videos aren't loaded, and apparently never do. Is there a way to write a line of code to tell the app, to try to load them all or not try to show a video if it is not loaded?


      It works perfect on chrome, but ofcourse windows RT surface can't play chrome....


      I would love you guys if you can fix my last issue on this subject.


      Any possible way you can help would be awesome. (the app works on android at least but I only have small android devices)


      Thanks a bunch