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    Drag & Drop Lightroom Folder onto a new computer

    PhotoJohnWS Level 1

      I know this has been answered a doz times........ and more..... but "Finding" an answer that is not related to Version 3 or is several years old is the problem ...


      Anywho..... Last week, I "literally" dragged my entire Pictures Folder (and documents) over to an External Hard Drive.  Then I had my PC wiped clean, restored and reloaded with Windows 10. 


      I have just downloaded Adobe Creative Cloud to the new - Win-10 laptop computer.   I signed into CC and then downloaded Adobe Photoshop CC. 


      ....... I am ready to download and install LR CC to my computer but should I - - - - 


      1)  Drag the Picture Folder back over from the External Hard Drive to the LapTop Hard drive first?     The "Picture Folder" has the default Lightroom Folder with all of my Catalogs, backups, etc .....


      2)  Once LR is installed..... it is not going to have any Folders/Catalogs associated with it at all .... And this is where I get confused when watching all of the YouTube videos, I have found ....   I am confused how to get "Lightroom" to repopulate the Catalogs and all of the photos as they were before (I have several) 


      3) One more clarification ....  In the "Previous" use of Lightroom - my catalog worked with images within my Laptop hard drive and from the External hard drive both. I will need Lightroom to find all of those photos too.  


      Thank you!!!