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    shape tween with .png

    carta mundi Level 1

      hello...i'm new to animate, but  familiar with Adobe Edge,,


      i'm trying to make an easy tween with a simple .png.


      1st frame star.png (left corner)

      10th frame star.png (right corner )


      click between to make a shape-tween...can't do, it is grey


      i've tried also with the converting to a symbol...and a version with break apart, but that version,  filled the space with images of my star...


      Is it maybe the setting of the document? ( i've tried html5, action script..)


      it's a very simple thing, but it isn't working ;-(




      Second question


      i've made a animation with code...every moving in the first frame by code...but i'm must export it to a movie...and then i don't get these actions..just the actions which happen in the timeline

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Shape tweens and motion tweens are different animals.  It sounds like you are trying to do a motion tween since you describe it as a change in location rather than appearance.   In this case what you need to do is place the image inside a symbol and then plant the symbol into the timeline in the two places it will move from and to.  Then right click the first frame of the tween and choose the option to create a tween (a classic tween will suffice).


          If this were a shape tween then you would follow the other route where you coverage the image to a vector graphic.  Shape tweens are applied to raw drawn graphics, not symbols or images.

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            carta mundi Level 1

            Thanks..!! ( sorry i was on holiday, and now fresh to get further with animate ;-)