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    CF11 PDFgServlet Linux (CentOS 6)


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the PDFgServelet working on Linux?

      It's running CentOS 6 and CF11 patch 7.


      The daemon starts but will not verify and the WEB-INF folder doesn't exist.


      # sudo netstat -lntp | grep 8987

      tcp        0      0 ::ffff:       :::*                        LISTEN      15544/java


      I followed these posts to no avail:


      How to setup PDFg server in ColdFusion 11 on Linux | ColdFusion Solution

      ColdFusion 11 – PDF Service prerequisites on Linux | Techode


      This one seems to indicate that this doesn't work on Linux Adam Cameron's Dev Blog: ColdFusion 11: <cfhtmltopdf> a non-starter. Literally  , however, it's old and Adobe's documentation states that it does ColdFusion Help | PDF Generation in ColdFusion I'm not sure if this article is related, but it also lists some of the same dependies Adobe LiveCycle ES4 * 3.2 System requirements


      Here's the sparse log output:

      ==> /opt/coldfusion11/cfusion/logs/server.log <==

      "Error","ajp-bio-8014-exec-8","06/16/16","20:34:17",,"Connection verification failed."



      ==> /opt/coldfusion11/cfusion/logs/coldfusion-out.log <==

      Jun 16, 2016 20:34:17 PM Error [ajp-bio-8014-exec-8] - Connection verification failed.


      ==> /opt/coldfusion11/cfusion/logs/application.log <==

      "Error","ajp-bio-8014-exec-8","06/16/16","20:34:17","CFADMIN","coldfusion.document.webkit. PDFgErrorHandler$ConnectionVerificationFailedException: Connection verification failed."



      ==> /opt/coldfusion11/cfusion/logs/coldfusion-out.log <==

      Jun 16, 2016 20:34:17 PM Error [ajp-bio-8014-exec-8] - coldfusion.document.webkit.PDFgErrorHandler$ConnectionVerificationFailedException: Connection verification failed.