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    Accessing the Maps OFFLINE.


      Dear All,

      I have an requirement of working the maps offline in mobile devices.



      Company needs mobile app like their marketing people will be loaded with app called "LocCustomer". The purpose of the app, to meet their customer scattered in various location including remote location with no internet connection. But still the marketing persons has to reach the customers.



      The company decides that maps either pre-loaded [cached] the particular area which is assigned to a person and he can access the maps without internet connection.


      2:Shortest Path

      The marketing person will be given the customer address, So the app must show the shortest path.The marketing person knows the current location and address of the customer, So he should able to find the shortest path in the map in OFFLINE.



      I would like to know that the Phonegap could meet the above mentioned requirements.


      Thanks in advance.