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    Social sharing plugin undefined error


      Hi, I'm getting this error with the socialsharing plugin:


      undefined is not an object (window.plugins.socialsharing)


      Can you help me?



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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          What version of PhoneGap are you using? What target(s) are you testing on (and OS versions)? What plugins are you using (and versions)?


          How are you adding/using this particular plugin? Can you share the commands you used to add the plugin, and the snippet of code that generates the error? Also, share your config.xml so we can see if there's anything there that's getting in the way. Seeing the HEAD portion of your index.html file might also be useful.


          Also, how are you building the app? Locally using PhoneGap/Cordova CLI or remotely using PhoneGap Build, or are you using the Phonegap desktop/developer app combo?