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    How do I control document versions on network without preventing "save as" ?

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      I am the Clinical Quality Coordinator at a hospital, and one fo my responsibilities is to organize and maintain the policy and forms collection.  According the the standards of 6 Sigma and ISO 9000 i need to be able to control what versions of any document are available to the employees.  My issue is that I must make the policies and forms available for viewing to all staff however I must also prevent the staff from downloading and/or saving the policies and forms so that years from now the network is not flooded with old versions.  I have learned that preventing "Save" is not really viable so now I am back to square 1. 


      How do I make certain that the document versions I post on the viewing Intranet site (SharePoint 13) is the only versions accessible?

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          You cannot stop a document from being saved, copied or shared. That's the nature of the technology. But DRM can control whether a document can be opened. LiveCycle Rights Management is Adobe's enterprise offering in this area, which can also control MS Office documents. Probably needs to be part of a control policy coming from the highest level, rather than an initiative for certain documents, given its scale and complexity.


          Note: all the LiveCycle products (of which there are many) recently changed their name, apparently.