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    A feature with assets

      I'm in a project group that is working on a designing application. It contains a menu and a canvas in which user can move certain elements (assets), png-pictures. What might be the easiest way to create a feature that when the user moves a new object ON an existing one (in the canvas area already), the older will be deleted? Our application's canvas area identifies inserted objects via precise points in x- and y-axis and the deleting mechanism should work with the same principle.

      Another issue the transparency of images. As I mentioned we're using png-images but we prefer to make them to embed and transparency is thus a sort of problem. I found a clue how the embedded images could still remain transparent from here http://dougmccune.com/blog/2007/01/31/problem-with-transparent-pngs-in-flex-using-embed/ but that Doug-named guy uses whole different function than us and the procedure he mentioned can't probably be used at all.