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    Import AE/Mocha tracking data or project into Animate

    talmond57625678 Level 1

      Hey guys,

      Im new to animate, but am very interested in the possibilities it could bring to my work.

      What I am for is to create an image that is tracked into a video file. I can easilly achieve this in AE in combination with Mocha by tracking the field where i want the image to be, and then adding the tracking data to the image.


      Now to bring this to the next level I would love to be able to publish this 'comp' on a website, where people would be able to change the inserted image to, say, their own profile picture. My guess is this should be possible by creating an upload button which then replaces the 'image' with the 'profile picture'.

      However, I am wondering what would be the easiest way to import the files I created in AE into animate.


      If importing the entire project is out of the question, I could also export the 'baselayer' as a video and import it into AN, where I add the image in AN seperatly, but then I still need to find a way to import the tracking data into AN in a way that it does not steer away from the fps/timecodes of the base video.


      I read that exporting to XFL would be an option, but sadly, it appears that function never really worked and was thus removed from AE.


      Any advice or ideas are more than welcome.