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    Help with Publishing HTML5 on DFP

    JonnyDL Level 1

      We have been publishing our flash ads on DFP, through a Google option called SWIFFY. Takes a SWF and rips it apart into something that can be copied into DFP and recoded into an ad (no actual swf file) so it plays everywhere. Google is now discontinuing Swiffy come July Because of Animate CC. So we need to use Animate canvas and get it into DFP. Since we are not hosting any of the images, JS, or HTML, we have found another tool HTML5 creative upload tool. This tool makes it easy for you to upload HTML5 creative bundles (.zip files) from Adobe Edge and Google Web Designer to DFP (referes to edge but not animate CC, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference). Its nice because it will link the the converted ad to the correct advertiser in DFP. However we are running into error(s) we don't quit understand to get around. The error that has popped up is an explanation point appears next to the JS file and at the bottom it says "asset contains macros, might need to be inlined in snippet". Not sure exactly what this is telling us, and there is a simple way to fix it, or avoid getting the error all together. Ideally we would like it as a straight conversion not editing of code needed.


      Anyone know what the error is means, and how to get Animate to work with DFP?