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    Issues using DataClay's Templater without Quicktime


      Hi. I was using DataClay's Templater bot to export batches of customised animations with custom content in each through the bot. The great thing about using Templater is that I can call in information from an Excel spreadsheet and have the information from it appear where I want it to in each animation. It calls in text, audio and images.


      Everything was going grand until the company I work for took Quicktime off all Windows computers. Now when I try to open an After Effects program I am met with a warning saying that some components will not work because Quicktime is not installed. As a result, any kind of animation I create in After Effects, with or without the Templater bot, now will not export with audio. Quicktime is necessary for the projects I'm working on. Having no audio is not the desired result when I'm being asked to create batches of 100's of videos with personalised audio being called into each.


      Is there a codec or alternative output format I can use? .WMV, AVI, etc do not work either to give me audio even though I make sure the audio export box is ticked. When Quicktime got the chop from my machine, H.264 also go the boot. That was my go to compression format to get the file size down. Now there's nothing like that left in its place. I have asked the higher-ups in the company to let me have Quicktime again, but getting it back on my machine is a no-go right now. So I'm here asking for help.


      Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can start exporting batches of videos through Templater with audio again without having Quicktime part of the equation?


      Kindest Regards,

      Ann Marie

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, to be candid: Isn't that slightly moronic and totally irrational of your higher-ups to break your workflows on the extremely slim chance of a an artificially inflated (by Apple), yet infinitesimally likely potential security issue? Notice the number of conditional phrases... Seriously, this is stupid beyond belief and clearly shows that the people in power don't actually understand the (non-)issue at all. Otherwise I'm not sure your post makes much sense since you haven't provided any proper technical info like version of AE, version of Windows, system specs, output settings and so on. That aside, just removing QT should have no influence on other Windows components, since it's a completely independent infrastructure and to me it seems that this is just another indication of your "powers" not knowing what they are doing. They probably destroyed your audio CoDecs and audio driver, which as a minor will necessitate an excursion to the device manager, removing this stuff and letting Windows repair-install it.... Really, I'm sitting here not knowing whether to cry or laugh about the matter. It's so ridiculous.



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You can install QuickTime components without the player or web plugin that had the (tiny) risky part in them. I'm with Mylenium, your powers-that-be are being silly. I've found many times that knowledge isn't power - in fact, it often eludes those in power...


            If they won't let you have QuickTime (and they totally should let you have it), you may need to uninstall and reinstall your Adobe CC stuff. That should get stuff back working again (for the most part). Adobe did make a blog post about adding some native QuickTime decoding into future versions of AE, but that's not going to help you now...


            To your other issue:

            You can still make an H.264 without QuickTime by sending it to the Adobe Media Encoder. The QuickTime H.264 option was buggy anyway and Apple didn't even support it, so I would recommend against using it even if you had QuickTime.