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    How to make page centerd in window?

      I'm very new to web design, so please keep that in mind.

      My canvas is 800x600, and when I preview it in my browser that page apears in the top left hand corner (probably default). I would like to know if there is any way to position it in the center of the page - keeping in mind that viewers would have different screen resolutions when viewing it. So saying "just make the canvas bigger and move it over" wont work because someone viewing it with a screen at 800x600 would see it differently than one with 1600x1200.

      These diagrams explain it better:

      This is how it is now:

      This is how i want it to look:

      I also would like a background behind the canvas.
      Infact exactly how this forum is set up is a perfect example. It has the white page with text etc... and the gradient background behind it.
      How would I go about doing this?

      And please keep in mind that I am new to this (just got fireworks this past weekend, and this is the first site I am trying to make).
      I appreciate any help :-)